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The Citadel Republicans

The Citadel Republican Society participates in various community projects each year, including Adopt-A-Highway, mentoring, non-partisan poll watching and the 9/11 Never Forget project.

Officers of The Citadel Republican Society

Zac Rutherford-President
Andrew Kot- Executive Vice President
Cameron Brown- Vice President for Membership
Grant Miller- Vice President for External Affairs
Devin Oliver- Cadet Advisor
Carson Fox- Team Leader
John Baker- Team Leader
Conrad Geis- Team Leader
Trenton Moore- Team Leader
Jonathan Clymer- Team Leader
Connell Maloney- Team Leader

Campaign Cadets

The campaign cadets program links campaigns throughout the nation with well-trained cadets to go be volunteer leaders in a campaign.

How It Works:

  • Cadets are trained throughout the year in particular areas of campaign management, complimented by their strict work ethic and desire to lead – Campaign Cadet are valuable tools that are sought after by campaigns that need leadership in a particular area.
  • The campaign submits a request for a cadet(s) in a particular field.
  • If the application is accepted a cadet is assigned to the particular campaign and sent to work.

The Citadel Republican Society has cadets trained in the following areas:

  • Get Out the Vote Effort
  • 72 Hour Task-force
  • Door to Door Organization
  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Online and Spread the Word Efforts
  • Websites
  • Grassroots

If necessary, campaigns are excepted to help cadets find housing in the area and if possible some sort of support for expenses.

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